Ohrsom is the world-renowned Jewish student outreach organisation and the centre of Jewish Johannesburg & Cape Town for high-school matrics, varsity students, and young professionals. With learning programs nearly every night of the week and a weekly shabbos shul, Ohrsom focuses on building & maintaining Jewish identity for the South African youth and aims to provide a place where young Jewish men & women can get together for meaningful, inspiring classes and engaging social interactions in a modern, trendy setting.

We put the FUN in FUNdamental by offering amazing annual trips to Israel and America, opportunities for advanced learning at yeshiva & seminary, internship opportunities, and an incredible Gap Year program for post-matric students in Israel and abroad.


Ohrsom Student is one of the world’s premier international Jewish student outreach organisations. Ohrsom utilises a revolutionary and multi-faceted approach to engage with our future Jewish leaders and impart the fundamental and eternal message of our great nation: that a deep connection to Jewish identity and understanding of our Torah value system is for all Jews in all times, and transcends technological advancement and contemporary attitudes and ideas. What differentiates Ohrsom Student is our unique ability to enlighten every student to the universal truth that such an identity and value system is attractive, desirable, enjoyable and transcendently modern and cool. Our motto is so simple, yet so powerful: 

Learn it, Live it, Love it

For more information please email us: office@ohrsomstudent.com


Learn it, Live it, Love it 

This belief system is the foundation for our revolutionary, multifaceted approach. We inspire students through our highly successful international trips and programs to Israel, America and beyond. We have a growing stable of highly professional and successful trips and programmes for students. These include the legendary Ohrsom trip to Israel each June/July and the unprecedented USA tour in December. Ohrsom Student is the official South African partner with the highly-acclaimed jInternship, which provides English-speaking students with the best internships in Israeli companies, combined with growth-oriented Jewish learning. Ohrsom also facilitates students who have a desire to return to Israel and spend some time learning in world-class Yeshivas and Seminaries.  These trips are a platform for students to connect to their Jewish identity and heritage, to enrich their minds through learning programs co-ordinated by talented educators, to meet like-minded Jews from around the world, and most importantly enjoy every second of the Ohrsom experience.  These programmes are a springboard to build a sense of community, belonging and a commitment to continued learning, growing and connecting long after the plane has landed back in South Africa.  

The newest and most exciting addition to the Ohrsom Student stable is the Ohrsom Gap Year programme, based in Jerusalem with exciting trips throughout Israel and amazing tours overseas. Learning, volunteering, interning, traveling…an incredible opportunity to grow and develop one’s inner-self while connecting to other students and forming life-long friendships through this unparalleled year-long opportunity. 

We have a talented and experienced Ohrsom Student teams of Rabbis, Rebbetzins and educators, who impart the ideals, wisdom and true love for Judaism to each and every student, through engaging shiurim, one on one learning, Shabbos and yom tov hospitality and various Ohrsom Student events throughout the year. The international programmes, weekly learning and hosting, as well as our trendy student centre in JHB, and the popular Ohrsom Shabbos shul & Sushi Kiddush is the platform to enable us to have a broader impact on every Ohrsom student graduate, not just in terms of enriching their lives as students, but by facilitating them towards a path of living successful, responsible and value-laden lives, with a deep sense of Jewish identity at their core. 


Ohrsom is a place I get to call home once a week on a Monday night where I get to engage and debate with Rabbis whom I greatly respect without fear of judgment, in a place where I can go dressed how I would like to be dressed and have the opinions I have and still exercise and expand my Jewish knowledge without being held to scrutiny that my knowledge of Judaism is not reflected in my actions. It allows me to express myself and grow not only in Judaism but in life. I get to learn Torah in ways that are so cleverly taught, many people don’t even realise that it’s Torah, a place where I get to meet up with friends I don’t see at varsity.

Ohrsom is so much more than going to shiurim to pay off my 2016 trip to Israel, which owing to Ohrsom has made me fall in love with the country and was undoubtedly the most unique experience I will ever be able to have.

I have personally connected with Judaism on a level that I never thought I’d reach, whether that’s me driving home after a shiur absorbing all the knowledge just handed over to me, or my recent decision to start going to Shul on Friday nights.

Ohrsom has done things that no other organization has done for the secular community.

You know how to bring us in and you know how to engage with us without having to be forcefully sat down in a Jewish Studies lesson. You have allowed the secular Jewish community to feel comfortable with who they are while still opening our minds to learning.  I’ve never been more proud to be a part of the Jewish youth of today, and moreover, a part of your movement.

Kol Ha’Kavod Ohrsom – whether there are people who take the cheap trips and free food for granted or not, believe you me – you have connected us, you have empowered us, and you have educated us. No matter the reason people are sitting in the shiurim.

Please never stop what you’re doing.

Thank you so much for everything.

Gabi Berkowitz