The Ohrsom Gap Year encompasses a mix of touring, learning, traveling, hiking, volunteering, interning, etc. and the list goes on! The highlights of  Ohrsom Gap year include: skiing in Hermon, scuba course in Eilat, trek through India, Kibbutz, joining the Ohrsom Israel tour, JInternships, trip to Poland, Europe & Uman, learning & living in Jerusalem. While it is undoubtedly characterised as fun, the inception for the Gap Year stemmed from a much more obvious need than to expose students to another “fun” time abroad. While other programmes exist, the need for something more, something different, something niche, became obvious when we had students who felt there just wasn’t a programme that suited them available. Hence the creation of one of kiruv’s currently most celebrated accomplishments: the Ohrsom Student Gap Year programme.



The purpose of the year is to offer students a unique opportunity to grow and explore by taking part in a peer-based initiative with components that push them to challenge themselves and simultaneously reward them for participation in these various elements. The notion of growth is a pivotal concept in the programme, and we have focused on that fundamentally through the incorporation of different aspects that work to strengthen the students as individuals while also facilitating them as a team to build and bring them closer as a group.


Coming on this Ohrsom Gap year wasn’t the easiest thing to do because I left home, nothing was guaranteed, until late last year I was going to UJ to do accounts, but something changed in me, I decided to take this leap of faith in Ohrsom to come on the gap year. What has happened since then is literally life changing, it has defied all my expectations. From being a secular King David boy, I’ve grown to someone who really cares about Judaism and I now have a real passion for the learning. The amazing thing about the Ohrsom experience is that it is not only learning, we have so much fun on the side. We have a world class dira (apartment) on yaffa street by the tram line, we are right by the shuk. We have met alot of people, had some really fun experiences and amazing Shabboses. We are now in India, which is just out of this world. What a year it has been so far, we can’t wait to grow and make more memories.

Jarred Cohen