Weekly Learning

The weekly learning sessions are the foundation for educational programming at the centre and attract students keen to take part in the fantastic trips run each year to Israel (June/July) & America (December). For students committed to the highly subsidized trips, they each take on to honour a commitment to 35 nights of learning (with two sessions per evening).

The Matric learning evenings are also known affectionately as “learn and earn”,  wherein students take part in structured learning evenings where the students are subsidized/incentivized to come learn at Ohrsom Student. These younger students become involved toward the end of grade 11 with Ohrsom as a direct follow-up initiative to the yearly King David Encounter programme in Johannesburg & Herzlia Discover programme in Cape Town.

Educators are inspiring and engaging, and the classes offered are either once-off sessions, succinct and timely around the Jewish calendar or current events, or part of a short series that students can follow over a number of weeks. In addition to weekly local educators, we also take advantage of speakers passing through Joburg and offer our students the opportunity to learn from world-renowned educators. Students learn to build skills and broaden their exposure to both new teachers and new material; they effectively learn how to learn…sometimes by simply putting down their phones and listening attentively; sometimes by engaging in dynamic group seminars; and sometimes by using the very technology we often shy away from in a classroom setting and conversely, utilising online resources to encourage a different discussion and stimulate other levels of one’s conscience.

The talented & dedicated staff meet throughout the week to learn with students, either one-on-one or in small group settings, as well as making time to meet students on occasion for coffee or lunch, just to “schmooze” or check in with them to see how things are going in their lives.

Weekly shabbos shul!

What can we say? Our reputation precedes us! 

Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Beautiful davening with soulful singing and powerful prayers. Dynamic speakers and overseas guests. When world-renown speaker Charlie Harary was here recently, he said he would be back the next week just to re-experience the sensational davening that he had been blessed to partake in at Ohrsom! And that was before he had even tried the sushi! But you heard right…not one, but two brochas! A dairy brocha with iced coffee, chocolate milk, and a selection of cakes; followed by mussaf, and then our legendary meat and sushi kiddish. Boats of gourmet sushi. Platters of chicken schnitzel, beef schwarma, samosas, egg rolls, sausage rolls… All of this against the backdrop of our checkered-clad, bow tie and braces-bearing bartenders, pouring gourmet cocktails from Liquidchefs. Come experience shabbos at Ohrsom for yourself! Just make sure you leave room for lunch; it won’t be easy! But an amazing team of rabbis and staff regularly have students for both Friday night and shabbos day meals, and you’ll need to make space for awesome food and expect nothing less than inspiring conversation and engaging company. We look forward to hosting you soon! 

JHB Learning Schedule:

Ohrsom Student Learning Centre

Monday    : Israel Tour 2015 & 2016 ( Older and younger tour) ; Israel 2017 ( older tour) /USA 2015 & 2016 , 7.15pm – 9pm

Tuesday    : Israel Tour 2015 & 2016 ( Older and younger tour) ; Israel 2017 (Younger tour) / USA 2015 & 2016 7.15pm – 9pm

Wednesday :Matric 2017 7.15pm – 9pm

JHB shul :

Join Ohrsom Student every Shabbat morning for a vibrant and social shul experience.

Shacharit service begins at 9.30am, followed by a milk brocha & Mussaf at 11.30am. Delicious meat & Sosushi brocha at 12pm.

Ohrsom Shul runs services and brochas for Pesach, Shavuot, Tisha B’Av, Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur.

CT learning schedule:

22 St. Johns Road Sea Point

Sunday nights:

Matrics: 7.15 pm – 9pm

University Students: 8pm – 9.45pm

Thursday night: Advanced student Gemorah learning with Rabbi Cannon @ 8pm