The Ohrsom Student Yeshiva and Seminary Tour is the pinnacle of our Ohrsom Student experience. This 3 – 4  week intense yet fun, challenging yet stimulating exposure to authentic Torah study has been thoroughly enjoyed by all of those who have participated. The guys stay in an upmarket furnished apartment in the heart of Jerusalem while attending a tailor-made full morning and afternoon learning schedule with some of the best educators Israel has to offer. The girls have different opportunities to be exposed to a variety of seminaries and partake in their respective dynamic and inspirational programs, with outstanding teachers. Although this tour is focused on the growth and development of each of its participants, a wholesome, social and fun-filled experience in true Ohrsom Student style permeates every minute!


The Ohrsom Yeshiva Program was really an eye opening, growth-filled and fun experience for me. Coming from a background where I was not exposed to too much learning but was interested in growing and experiencing what a Yeshiva environment is like, it really gave me just what I wanted. The program gave me an exposure to a greater understanding in all areas of Jewish learning. The Ohrsom Rabbi’s are truly unbelievable and do their best to cater for each individuals needs. In addition to the learning and yeshiva aspects, we also had plenty of free time, freedom, outings and activities which enabled us to see Israel’s true beauty, make plenty of new friends and have a great holiday.

Royi Cohen – Ohrsom Yeshiva experience

The Ohrsom Yeshiva experience allowed me to balance the experience of learning in yeshiva with that of someone who was on holiday in the holy land. The environment of the Yeshiva as well as that of the neighbourhood in which we resided, although intangible, were a contributing factor to my unbelievable experience – it inspired me to take on new challenges and gave me the ability to introspect on my character, values and goals and how I can attain them. I found myself in a space free of judgement and clarity of mind. The free time that we had outside of yeshiva hours was a great opportunity to bond with the other guys on the tour. If we weren’t chilling in the apartment, we were shopping or eating (be it in Meah Sharim or town), going to watch a Beitar Yerushalayim game, gyming, running, the list goes on. Thank you to Ohrsom Student for allowing me to have participated in this unbelievable experience, and for providing the platform for me to grow as a Jewish young man who will, please G-d, live a life filled with Torah.

Jess Leiboff Ohrsom Yeshiva Experience

The Ohrsom Student yeshiva trip was fundamental to my growth as a Jew. Whilst South Africa has one of the best Jewish communities in the world, there are few places like Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Jerusalem where one is exposed to an in depth perspective of what Judaism is really about. For me the best part was the social dynamics between the guys: the group quickly developed into one family and it was incredible how we fed off each others inspiration.

Yoni Peretz Ohrsom Yeshiva Experience

Once I realized how much more I had to learn about Judaism and myself, with the help of the Rabbi’s and teachers at Ohrsom Student, I decided I wanted to go learn in Israel in seminary. This was an idea which a few years ago would have seemed utterly ridiculous – Learning all day – that’s what the”frum” people did. So after 12 years of school and 4 years of university I decided that it was time to start learning about all the things in life that are actually important. I would come to Neve Yerushalaem and dedicate my time to learning about myself, my beliefs and values, the person I want to become and how to actually get there i.e. the things that aren’t actually taught in school or University. Now after 2 months at Neve, I can honestly say that I have made the right decision. The classes are stimulating, challenging, inspiring and thought-provoking. There are so many classes which literally blow my mind with the depth of wisdom and insight. I am also surrounded by the most special girls who are continuously growing and working on themselves. It’s almost like a dream to be surrounded by such good people constantly. And then there are the teachers who care for each student and their well-being on such a profound level. I cannot think of a better place to spend a week, month or year.

Ashleigh Favish – Neve Sem Experience