Ohrsom Student Australia


Ohrsom Student was founded in South Africa over 10 years ago.

It’s aim? Simple! To engage with university students. We offer a framework which equips it’s participants with knowledge, understanding and tools for life.

The creation of Ohrsom Student was met with widespread enthusiasm and support. South Africa today boasts a network of over 1000 past and current students.

This success has inspired the establishment of Ohrsom Student Australia. We too are experiencing growth at a rapid rate.

Ohrsom Student Australia offers thought provoking discussions on a weekly basis with over 30 students learning. We host fun social events to celebrate Jewish festivals throughout the year.

Perhaps what Ohrsom Student is most recognized for is it’s heavily subsidised international trips!

Come join us!!

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Rabbi Evan Widmonte

Rabbi Evan is all about the vision. He truly believes that Australian Uni Students will unite together and be a part of the Ohrsom dream. His passion is to give young aspiring Jewish Students the tools to be proud of their Jewish values and embrace them and integrate them into the world they live in. Rabbi Evan has travelled the world and grew up in South Africa, lived in Israel for 8 years and then Sydney for 5. He is all about family and his wife and 4 children are always game for an adventure. He has degrees in Accounting and Finance (CFA), Studied in the Ohr Somayach and Mir Yeshivas and worked in a variety of fields, including, Youth Rabbi in Kehillat Masada Sydney, Head of Informal Education in Masada College. He currently runs a successful company (Rimon) which focuses on the startup revolution in Australia.